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Wireless Headset Microphone

Item #: 39-LWM-7
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Wireless Headset Microphone

Wireless microphone model LMW-7 is a headset microphone that's specifically compatible with certain podiums including items: 39-800-E, 39-800X-E, 39-711-E, 39-111PLS-E, 39-6010-E, and 39-900-E and includes a pocket-sized, wireless transmitter. This wireless microphone can be switched from channel A to channel B in order to avoid any outside frequency interruptions.

While the above-listed podiums come already equipped with two wired microphones, the advantage of this wireless microphone accessory is that it gives you the freedom to move up to 200 feet away from the podium during your presentation while also being hands-free. This means that a presenter doesn't have to stay behind the lectern during their speech and can interact with the audience or move away from the podium in order to talk about or point to the subject matter shown on another form of media, such as a projection screen, television, or computer monitor. Gain the freedom of movement that your presentation requires while still amplifying your voice when you order this Wireless Headset Microphone along with any of the recommended podiums.

  • Wireless headset microphone recommended for The Orator series of podiums (Items 39-800 & 39-800X)
  • Includes pocket-sized, wireless transmitter
  • Allows for switching from A to B channels in order to eliminate outside frequency interruptions
  • Allows the presenter to move freely up to 200 feet away from the podium
  • Requires 9V battery (battery not included)