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Stand Up Stool

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Safco Stand Up Stool

This ergonomic stool alleviates the fatigue caused by long-term sitting or standing on the job. The patent-pending design promotes a partial leaning posture that offers gentle support while avoiding spinal compression by keeping key muscles engaged. A leaning posture allows the body to more evenly distribute the work of holding you up, which makes it much more sustainable than either sitting or standing. You'll have more stamina, reduce the risk of spinal injury, and enjoy a better overall physical condition when you convert to our Stand Up Stool.

To use the Stand Up Stool, adjust the seat to fall just under your hips at standing height. The seat adjusts in 1-1/2" increments on a gradual incline. As it inclines, the forward tilt increases up to 15 degrees. The forward tilt keeps the pelvis properly positioned to support the spine. Perching on the seat, the upper body should feel flexible yet supported, while the legs remain engaged. The ergonomically sculpted seat is sloped on the front edge and rises in the back to support the sacrum. A slight spring suspension offers just a little give.

Durably built of steel and polyurethane, our Stand Up Stool can enhance workplace ergonomics in industrial, manufacturing, and lab environments. The self-skinned polyurethane foam seat is comfortable to sit on while resisting sharp tools, sparks, and chemicals. It's grooved for grip and doesn't overheat or cause perspiration. The frame is built of heavy gauge tubular steel with a triangular base and anti-skid rubber feet. The reinforcing bracket that wraps around the base of the legs doubles as a foot rest. The rounded top of the frame makes a convenient handle for porting your ergonomic stool.

  • Ergonomically contoured seat with waterfall edge
  • Seat adjusts manually to 10 different height positions
  • Seat tilts forward to promote a leaning posture
  • Durably built of steel and polyurethane