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Projector Guard Ceiling Mount Security Cage - 2 Sizes

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Projector Guard Ceiling Mount Security Cage - 2 Sizes

Mounting your projector in a public area, such as an auditorium, classroom, or conference center, leaves your important and expensive equipment susceptible to theft or breakage. Use this ceiling mount security cage to enclose your projector and mount within multiple levels of security. The solid steel exterior protects against impact without inhibiting ventilation, while inside security screws prevent removal. The design also provides for the option of a padlock. The projector cage comes in two sizes to support most projectors currently on the market.

Use this projector security cage with any existing projector ceiling mount installation that includes a 1-1/2" extension column (not with flush mounts). The cage is designed to accommodate the independent roll, pitch, and yaw adjustments of your projector mount. The adjustable front opening provides for different lens positions. You can also unlock and remove the cage without detaching the projector from the mount or disturbing its image registration settings. Hinged front and rear panels offer easy access to those authorized.

  • Two sizes available
  • Steel cage exterior protects against impact while providing ventilation
  • Locking security screws prevent theft
  • Combines with existing ceiling drop projector mounts
  • Accommodates image registration settings and adjustments of your projector mount