Ergonomic Laptop Computer Caddy

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Ergonomic Laptop Computer Caddy

Ergonomic adjustment features and a comfortable, curved front allow this all-in-one laptop computer caddy to pull right up to you for service. Use it from the couch or your favorite chair, or as a useful extension to your home or office desk. It's great for providing a compact workstation for assistants lending temporary help on a project. When not in use, the laptop caddy is easily lowered and stored beneath a desk or counter.

The laptop caddy adjusts pneumatically between 20" and 30" H. A ring-shaped foot pedal at the base activates height adjustment. The desktop is fixed with an angle-adjustable riser shelf for your laptop and a full-length front wrist pad for typing comfort. Two round platforms slide out to either side of the desk, providing right- and left-handers with a mouse tray on one side and a cup holder on the other. Both trays are removable.

  • Curved front to pull up close
  • Height adjustable from 20" to 30"
  • Angle adjustable laptop riser
  • Two removable swiveling side trays
  • Full-length front wrist pad
  • Caster mobility

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