At OneStopErgonomics we protect your personal and credit card information throughout our ordering process. 

We utilize Shopify for our credit card processing, which means that your information is not stored on our end and no one has access to your details.  We connect you to our payment gateway, providing the security necessary to ensure fast and reliable transmission of your data. manages transactions the same way that a credit card swipe machine does in a traditional store environment, except that it uses your internet connection instead of a phone line.

Besides this we also offer SSL security when you add a product to your cart, as you'll notice by the “https” in your browser address.  Essentially this provides a secure connection when a web browser connects to a web server over the (otherwise unsecured) internet.

In addition we strictly follow our privacy policy in regards to all information that we do collect from you.  In brief, we do not share your information with anyone else, you can opt-out of informational e-mail newsletters, and we make certain to keep your order information safe.  For details please visit our privacy policy page here.