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Flat TV Wall Mount, Ceiling Mounts, Table Top and Floor Stands

For 20 years we've been your experts in television mounting solutions for residential, business, retail, and commercial applications. Offering the latest innovations available in flat screen TV mounts and TV stands it is our business to provide the most comprehensive selection and knowledgeable service in the industry. Trust us to help you mount dynamic digital signage displays, professional boardroom and trade show presentations, and a fully modernized home theater. We'll furnish you with the right TV mount for your screen size, adjustment requirements, and venue.

When choosing TV mounts and TV stands consider:

What specs would you like your TV mount to provide? Select the correct model by considering the variety of TV mounting options available and the many different features that each offers. Here are a few of the functions you'll find among our collection:

  • Fixed and tilting wall mounts - Easy and affordable, these simple brackets are ideal for hanging plasma and LCD TVs. Fixed wall mounts hang your flat screen tight and flush to the wall, while tilt mounts leave a little room for angling downward.
  • Articulating arm mounts - These flexible applications are ideal for corner walls and other tricky mounting locations. A folding, extending, and pivoting arm between the screen and wall gives you plenty of flexibility for adjusting your view.
  • Ceiling mounts - Popular in retail and commercial settings, a ceiling mount easily offers the widest sweep of screen visibility to a busy room. TV ceiling mounts are often employed for digital signage applications, in large stadiums, and convention centers. They require professional and permanent installation.
  • TV floor stands - We offer both commercial and residential stands for flat panel TVs. Shop for attractive wood and glass furniture, or select a more utilitarian stand for educational, retail, and trade show purposes. We offer portable stands as well as mobile carts

About VESA mounting patterns:

If you are mounting a flat screen TV you will have to know your VESA mounting pattern. This refers to the pattern of screw holes on the back of your screen where the mount will attach. The holes on your screen must match up with the holes on your mount in order to fit. That's why the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) developed a series of standard patterns that manufacturers and consumers can use to match TVs and mounts.

You can find your TV's VESA pattern in the owner's manual, or by looking up the model on the manufacturer's website. Our customer service team is also happy to look up this information for you. A flat panel TV stand typically includes a mount on top of a pole, so this would also require a VESA pattern. Use advanced search to shop our collection by VESA pattern or other specs.

Need Help?
With so many options available, choosing the right mount for your application can seem daunting. Our product experts are here to help. We work daily with businesses, schools, and individuals to weigh your specific criteria against our many solutions. Top manufacturers such as Chief, Sanus, Peerless, Premier Mounts, and OmniMounts work with us to design custom solutions when the standard ones won't do. Please call us for a quantity discount, or to ask any question.