Rolling carts, utility carts, hand trucks and hand carts.

Rolling carts and utility carts serve a variety of essential functions at work, from transporting important materials to keeping useful equipment close at hand. Whether your job requires utility carts for delivering goods and services, wheeled carts for storage, mobile carts for machines, or other office cart options, we have a broad selection of wheeled carts, including hand truck and hand cart, to meet every need.

Find a Rolling Cart or Utility Cart or a Hand Truck or Hand Cart. Wherever you work, our office and utility carts are working with you. Our wheeled carts selection includes mobile carts designed for nearly every purpose and environment, from heavy duty utility carts and trucks for industrial settings to wooden storage carts for the schoolroom, from the cleaning carts wheeled by janitors to professional looking office cart options. Sturdy and functional, our wheeled carts are built to stand up to daily use and work as hard as you do. Look through all of our office and utility cart categories to discover a wide range of mobile carts that will make your job easier.

Mobile carts serve important functions in every area of the workplace, from the warehouse to the executive office, the mail room to the break room. Use a media cart or projector cart to make your professional presentation while a coffee cart or hostess trolley serves your guests in the audience. Keep your office printer or fax mobile on a printer cart, then store your printed records neatly in a file cart. Utility carts and trucks are handy for moving large boxes of supplies and deliveries, while a wire mail cart can transport personal packages to the right office. Let our office and utility carts outfit your company from top to bottom.

Our versatile utility carts are made to serve a variety of purposes. A metal cart with platform shelves is perfect for transporting heavy machinery, while a tub utility cart can be used as a tool cart or to store and tow almost anything. We have a selection of hand trolleys and platform trucks for moving large boxes and crates. Some of these utility carts and trucks are folding carts for easy storage after use. Our service carts include durable plastic carts that can be used for cleaning, bussing, housekeeping and food serving. These heavy duty mobile carts are available with up to five shelves. Many of our utility carts and trucks are big wheeled carts for easy movement under heavy weight. All wheeled carts usually include locking brakes for steady loading and unloading.

We also have utility carts designed for specific purposes. Stainless steel medical carts are mobile carts designed to carry sensitive instruments, while book trucks are wheeled carts with sloped shelves for stacking library books upright. Beverage carts are wheeled carts designed for serving guests and often feature storage cabinets for refreshments, fold-out shelves for pouring, and a presentable, hospitable appearance. Some of our wheeled carts for media include electrical assemblies and locking cabinets to keep equipment secure. Other service-specific utility carts include folding laundry carts, janitor carts that store mops and cleaning supplies, and utility carts with bussing accessories such as silverware bins. From the hospital to the kitchen, our utility carts work hard for you.

Wherever you use them, our wheeled carts make your work lighter. Service carts, mobile machine stands and wheeled carts for transport ensure that your supplies and equipment are right there when you need them. Whether you need mobile carts for storage, transport, or service, our wheeled carts can be used reliably every day. Tour our wheeled carts category and you will find rolling carts for every function and environment where mobile carts might be needed. Choose from a wide variety of utility carts, office cart options, and other wheeled carts, including mobile carts for schools, hospitals and libraries. Review our selection of wheeled carts today and discover how many uses our mobile carts can serve in your workplace. Office and utility carts: wheeled mobile carts for every purpose.