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Find high-quality office furniture for your commercial, executive, or home office. We offer a comprehensive selection of desks, tables, and computer furniture featuring premier brands as HON, Alera, and Global. Accessories such as AV and media carts, podiums, wood bookcases, and office dividers round out the collection. Furnish your front reception room, conference room, call center, and private office with these office furniture essentials.

Office Furniture and Ergonomics
Designing your office ergonomically means choosing furniture and accessories that help streamline your daily tasks while keeping you comfortable. Here are some basic factors to consider when designing an ergonomic office:
  • Optimize your workstation height - Whether you work at an office desk, training table, or computer workstation, it's a good idea to optimize the height of your work surface for typing, note-taking, or computer viewing. You should be able to relax your arms at a 90 degree angle and look straight ahead without straining your neck as you work. Consider a computer desk with multiple tiers for the monitor and keyboard, or ideally, a height adjustable desk that you can customize to your needs.
  • Keep files and accessories in easy reach. Do you access your printer, hanging files, phone, or laptop often during the day? Use a mobile laptop cart, printer cart, or file cart to keep your files and equipment accessible while keeping your desktop clean.
  • Minimize the noise. If you work in a busy environment, use office dividers to isolate your working space from the chaos around you. Mobile room dividers are easy to arrange and rearrange as needed, creating not only a visual barrier, but also a sound barrier, and if necessary, a light barrier to manage glare.

Environmental Standards
At onestopergonomics.com, we believe in building comfortable, functional workspaces that uphold healthful standards while you're getting things done. Many consumers are aware that the environmental credentials of the products they buy affect the health standard of their office, home, and school interiors, as well as the environment at large. We've made an effort to label and catalog our office furniture products so that the conscientious consumer can find more eco-friendly solutions. In general, eco-friendly products are produced in a more sustainable way and less likely to emit harmful chemicals into your interiors.