Choose an office cart or mobile cart for your office filing and storage needs.

Our office cart selection includes a variety of mobile carts that are useful in the workplace--from the media cart that powers a professional presentation to the coffee cart that serves the guests, from the printer cart where you print your records to the file cart that stores them.

Beverage Carts

Office Carts - Choose an Office Cart or Mobile Cart for the Workplace. From the mail room to the conference room, mobile carts can be found everywhere in the workplace. An office cart may be the rolling cart that brings you your morning mail or coffee or the portable cart the houses your projector, printer or fax. Browse through our office cart categories and see whether a mail or file cart, presentation or media cart, printer or coffee cart can help make your work day more smooth and productive.

A file cart is one of the most popular mobile carts for the office. A mobile file cart includes a frame or storage bin designed to accommodate hanging file folders for letter or legal sized files. These mobile carts come in a variety of styles to suit your office, including wood, metal and wire cart options. Rolling casters provide smooth mobility for easy file sharing around the office.

A mail cart is a rolling cart designed with an upper basket for hanging file folders and a lower shelf for packages. Sort mail into the folders and use this office cart to deliver interoffice mail to various departments. These mobile carts often include larger back wheels and smaller front wheels for easy maneuvering. Steer your sturdy yet lightweight office cart from one end of the company to the other.

A printer cart is a portable cart for office machines, such as a printer, fax or copier. This handy office cart keeps your printer easily within reach when you need it. Additional shelves or cabinets store paper and other necessary supplies. Swivel casters make these mobile carts easy to move for sharing or storage. Lock the casters to keep your office cart steady.

The media cart or presentation cart is an essential office cart for the modern workplace. These mobile carts are designed to accommodate the audio visual equipment and technology that has become such a critical part of today's businesses. Heavy duty construction, electrical assemblies and secure locking cabinets are typical features of these mobile carts. Use the media cart as a projector cart, office TV cart or for any AV equipment.

One of the most welcome mobile carts in the workplace is the coffee cart. Beverage carts provide an uplifting treat for employees and guests alike, whether used as a break room serving cart or as a hostess trolley for office meetings. Coffee carts include an upper surface for pouring and serving and a lower storage area for supplies, and are typically designed with a pleasing appearance. Add this office cart to your list and everyone will thank you.

Mobile carts help keep your work day smoothly rolling, whether it is a file cart sharing files, a coffee cart boosting morale, a rolling cart delivering interoffice mail, or a printer cart, presentation or media cart making machines and equipment easily accessible. Each of our office cart categories features mobile carts that serve their own unique function in the workplace. Review all of our office cart options to find the perfect office carts for your working environment.