Mailroom Sorting & Filing - Stations, Tables and more..

Mail furniture and mail station equipment, including mail sorting and mail organizer systems.

From the busy mail processing center to the office mailroom, we offer a range of mail furniture and mail organizer systems to assist with your mail sorting and filing needs. Whether you are assembling a mail station for shipping and mail processing, looking for an office literature organizer or mail organizer, or need a mail cart to makes deliveries from the mail room, our mail stations and equipment will help keep you organized.

Choose a Mail Station, Mail Sorter or Mail Table, including Mail Cart and Mail Organizers for your Mail Room. Mail Station, Mail Sorter and Mail Organizers from our filing and storage category,contain a variety of mail furniture and equipment for mail sorting and shipping systems. Our mail stations includes complete workstations for package shipping as well as modular mail furniture systems with a mail table for mail sorting and a mail sorter module for mail filing. You can expand a single unit mail station into a full corner mail processing system for busier mailrooms.

Use a mail cart to distribute mail and packages from the mailroom to individual offices. Mail carts include an upper bin for sorting mail into folders and a lower mail storage area for bulkier items. A wire cart is durable yet lightweight, perfect for mailroom distribution.

Mail organizer units with letter sized mail sorting slots are convenient either for office mailroom storage or as a literature organizer for company forms and brochures. You will find sturdy steel literature and mail organizers for the mailroom, handsome wood mail furniture for office literature and mail sorting, and desktop literature organizers and mail sorters to keep your work papers organized.