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Monitor mounts and monitor arms for the pole, wall, ceiling & desk - LCD monitor arm, laptop mount and laptop stands.

At onestopergonomics.com we offer a comprehensive collections of monitor mounts, monitor arms and monitor stand products. We are also proud to provide you with the most knowledgeable group of mounting product experts you'll find online. Choose from single and multiple monitor mounts and every variation of wall mount options including extending articulating arms and monitor stands. Our mount and stand solutions are perfect for home offices, hospitals and dental offices, banking and financial sectors, government and military, retail POS solutions, schools, and manufacturing.

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Important Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Mount There are a number of things to think about when selecting your monitor mount or monitor stand. We've organized our mounting products into multiple categories to offer you an easy way to navigate to your best mount option.

  • Mounting Location - Options include mounting your monitor to a wall, ceiling, desk or pole. Perhaps you're looking for a mobile mount solution. We offer a wide variety of vehicle laptop mounts as well.
  • Mount Type - We offer numerous ways to mount your monitor. The main types are desk mounting which includes clamp, grommet or freestanding lcd stands. There are also direct mounts vs. arms. Monitor arms give you more flexibility of movement and are a great choice for sit stand desk setups. Direct mounts offer a lower profile option for close quarters.
  • Number of Monitors - Put us to the challenge on this one. At Ergo we've built monitor mounting and stand solutions for every imaginable configuration. Our standard mount solutions range from single monitor and laptop mounts to 5 or more in multiple layouts. Multiple monitor mounts are our specialty.
  • Weight and Size of Monitors - For LCD monitor arm solutions, weight becomes an important factor. Take into account the mount extension along with the weight of the monitor to determine the best product for your needs. The size of your monitor is a consideration when mounting multiple monitors side by side, especially if you are looking for portrait landscape functionality.

VESA Standard and how it applies to your monitor mount selection:

One of the most important things to know when selecting the right LCD mount or LCD stand is the VESA pattern your mount supports. The initials, VESA, stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. This is an international non-profit corporation, which represents more than 300 corporate members worldwide. The corporation promotes and develops timely, relevant, open standards for the display and display interface industry, ensuring interoperability and encouraging innovation and market growth. The standards provide specific guidelines of the mounting hole pattern placement, screw size, and guidelines for the mounting pad or mounting apparatus to be utilized by equipment manufacturers based on the size of the screen and monitor's weight. We've compiled an extensive writeup on VESA standards and mounting configurations on our About VESA page.

    Need Help? If you are finding the selection process a bit overwhelming, we know with our 300 plus mounting options it can be, please call us. Unlike most of our competitors at the big box stores, we staff our sales department with knowledgeable product experts with years of monitor mounts and monitor stands building experience. We have a mount building lab where we test products and solutions, giving our experts immediate hands on access to work with your standard or custom requirements. If you're putting together a quote for a larger project, please let us know. We can work with you on getting the best price for your project. We have mounting solutions from a wide variety of manufacturers including Chief Manufacturing, Premier Mounts, Peerless, Atdec, Ergotech and more.

    Ergonomic Monitor Mounting Tips Your monitor's height is important to healthy computer work. You should be able to view the screen without having to tilt your head up or down or turn your head to view the screen. As a guideline, when seated comfortably, a user's eye should be in line with a point on the screen about 2" to 3" below the top of the monitor casing. Is this comfortable viewing for you? Make any minor adjustments in screen height and angle from that starting point. If you use bifocals, you will probably need to position your monitor somewhat lower than usually recommended to gain the same ergonomic advantage. Monitor height can be manually adjusted if you are using adjustable height computer work stations. An easier solution is to place monitors on adjustable LCD monitor arms that accommodate to a variety of workers and work postures. Want to see more tips? Visit our Ergonomic Monitor Setup section.