A wide selection of ergonomic products for the workplace.

These ergonomic accessories will go far to make your workplace or home office more comfortable and healthful. As leaders in ergonomic products for offices, industrial and medical workplaces, and schools, we make it our business to present ergonomic solutions for every need and budget. Headsets, footrests, wrist rests, keyboard trays, anti fatigue mats, and ergonomic desk accessories offer easy, head-to-toe protection against the hazards of extended postures and repetitive motion. Kick-start an ergonomic workstation makeover with these simple, affordable ergonomic accessories.

Ergonomic Accessories - Headsets, Footrests, Wrist Rests, Monitor Risers, Keyboard Trays, Phone Arms and Anti Fatigue Mats. Ergonomic products make repetitive work more comfortable and less stressful on the body. These ergonomic accessories can make a world of difference in worker retention and productivity.

Footrests offer important relief for the lower body when sitting for long periods. An adjustable footrest compliments an ergonomic office workstation by propping up the feet at a more natural angle, engaging the legs and helping to take weight off the low back.

Anti Fatigue Mats are an ergonomic imperative for jobs that demand a lot of standing. Whether your station is a hot stove, industrial deck, or cash register, an anti fatigue mat can make a world of difference in your comfort and productivity.

If you use a CRT monitor or a laptop, a Monitor Riser or Laptop Riser is your ergonomic solution. Inexpensive laptop risers, monitor risers, and CRT stands efficiently raise your screen to a more ergonomic viewing height when a high-tech arm is not required. Phone Arms and Phone Stands offer an easier ergonomic reach when you're sitting at your desk busy with other applications. A phone stand raises the receiver and positions it at a slight incline. A telescoping phone arm makes the telephone accessible to both sides of an L shaped workstation.

If you use a computer heavily, a Wrist Rest can be a highly beneficial ergonomic accessory. Wrist rests help protect against the occupational hazards of extensive typing and clicking, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and other repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Choosing an Ergonomic Keyboard and Computer Mouse is an important step towards a healthier computer workstation. Ergonomic keyboards and mouses are anatomically contoured to support the repetitive movements that cause you the most strain at the computer.