Computer privacy screens for laptops, LCDs or CRT monitors

A complete line of computer filters, monitor filters, privacy filters and computer screen magnifier and screen protectors. The wide variety of office environments and our increasing computer usage requires both CRT and LCD computer accessories designed to help reduce uncomfortable glare, provide anti-radiation and static protection, increase productivity, secure your screen text from prying eyes, enlarge font size, or simply protect the delicate surface of LCD or laptop screens. We offer you a wide selection of computer filter options for just about any size monitor.

Reduce computing discomfort by using one of our computer screen magnifier options, now available for both CRT and LCD monitors, or one of our screen protectors. Our computer screen magnifier products are designed to significantly reduce screen glare, which is a leading cause of headaches and discomfort reported by office workers. Our CRT filter screens are constructed using pure optical annealed glass coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating. Meanwhile, our LCD and laptop glare filters, and screen protectors are designed with the very latest in high quality, treated, and lightweight acrylic or polycarbonate, and our LCD magnifier uses Fresnel lens magnification.

Office Desk Accessories: Desk Organizers, Monitor Filters, Copy Holders, Reference Racks & CPU Stands. Use a desktop organizer or paper tray to file stationary supplies, and remove your computer tower from your desktop to a CPU stand. Use a copy holder or reference organizer rack to hold documents at eye level while you type, and use a computer monitor filter to make your screen easier to see or harder to spy on.

CPU Holders and CPU Stands are useful for clearing desk space and floor space while keeping your disk drives in easy reach. A mobile CPU stand easily wheels out for access and stows away when necessary. Alternatively, a CPU holder mounts to the underside of your desk, raising the tower to hand level.

This reference organizer and reference rack selection offers wall and desktop solutions for all your organizational needs. Place frequently used information at your fingertips for speedy, ergonomic access to details. Simplify your workspace with these ergonomic, convenient document organizers.

Monitor Filters are useful ergonomic accessories for protecting your eyes from glare and protecting your work from sidelong viewers. We offer glare and privacy filters for LCD and CRT monitors, as well as screen magnifier filters to protect far-sighted eyes from strain.

When your job is heavy in reading or data entry, a Copy Holder is an ideal ergonomic accessory. Document holders relieve your eyes from straining and your neck from twisting to read at awkward angles, making alternating between the page and computer screen much more efficient.