CD Storage / DVD and Media Storage Furniture

CD & DVD storage furniture including cabinets, racks, and towers.

Shop here for quality CD storage, DVD storage, and multi media storage solutions for all your entertainment formats, including Blu-Ray, LP, VHS, digital and cassette tapes. We offer a wide array of CD & DVD storage furniture, including racks, shelves, towers, and cabinets. Designed for your home entertainment collection, our DVD & CD storage furniture reflects a variety of forms and styles to fit your, lifestyle, decor, and space requirements.

Media Storage Furniture - CD Storage & DVD Storage. Our DVD & CD storage furniture features quality construction, space efficient storage capacity, and aesthetic styling fit for the home. Whether your taste runs classic, contemporary, or eclectic, you'll find an appealing media storage furniture solution. Consider a tempered glass CD rack or DVD rack with metal detailing, or a bookcase of wood media storage shelves for the wall. Pick out a rotating CD tower or DVD tower for a narrow nook or corner. Or browse our diverse selection of media cabinets for enclosed CD DVD storage. Our CD furniture and DVD furniture is as attractive as it is practical.

A double-door CD cabinet or DVD cabinet is a design-conscious choice for digital media storage that draws attention to your media furniture itself while concealing your collection. Our media cabinet collection includes high volume DVD storage cabinets with capacity for up to 450 DVDs, as well as hidden CD storage cabinets that pose as another kind of furniture. Our cherry wood pedestal media storage cabinet looks like a plant pedestal, while our apothecary CD storage cabinet looks like an old-fashioned apothecary chest. You'll even find a faux leather ottoman that doubles as a DVD storage cabinet. To make a more assertive statement with your media cabinet, consider an armoire-style DVD cabinet with windowpane glass doors, or our cheeky Old English telephone booth CD cabinet.

Our pocket-door media cabinets pack hundreds of CDs and DVDs into a single storage unit that can also hold your TV on top. These versatile DVD CD cabinets will also hold your non-standard case sizes, including Disney VHS tapes and Blue Ray discs. Choose the media cabinet with the configuration that best fits your CD and DVD storage needs. Options include flip-through racks, shelves, and drawers. The wood CD DVD cabinets come in a choice of finishes to match your decor. What about non-digital media storage? In addition to our CD cabinets and DVD cabinets, we also offer a modular hardwood LP cabinet to complement your media furniture.

Are you looking for a more compact option for your CD media storage? A CD tower or DVD tower is an ideal solution for high-density environments such as dorm rooms, stores, and offices. CD towers and DVD towers provide efficient DVD and CD storage by stacking media vertically and back-to-back. A revolving media tower may offer up to four sides of usable CD or DVD storage space within a narrow footprint of under 2 feet. We offer CD towers and DVD towers with storage for up to 1600 CDs or 750 DVDs. Select a media tower of laminate or solid wood veneer in a cherry, oak, walnut, or black finish.

When CD and DVD media storage is not just a consideration, but a major feature of your entertainment room design, you may be a candidate for CD wall storage. CD shelves and DVD shelves put your media collection in plain view and easy reach but in the background, occupying your walls rather than your floor. Whether freestanding or bolted to the wall, a CD rack or DVD rack can provide the perfect backdrop to your entertainment room, showcasing titles and allowing for leisurely browsing of your media library. We offer CD racks and DVD racks of glass and wood for storage capacity for up to 2,000 CDs or 1,000 DVDs. You'll also find modular and stackable CD racks and DVD racks that grow with your library.

Whatever your DVD or CD storage needs, you'll find style, efficiency, and economy among our CD furniture and DVD furniture collections.