Learn about office efficiency to save valuable time and resources

Office efficiency is a function of attentive planning and organization. Utilizing ergonomics can help your office work more effectively. Eliminating clutter, managing paperwork and files respectfully, and ensuring your staff is given the proper tools and appropriately placed equipment for smooth functioning of the business saves time and money while improving the look and feel of a business or a home office.

Disorganization reduces office efficiency. There is an actual economic cost associated with office disorganization.

papers scattered from floor to ceiling are evident in his 1892 Ashland, Ohio company office.





Despite this businessman's stalwart appearance, disorganized clutter, inefficient storage capacity, stacks and a mess of papers scattered from floor to ceiling are evident in his 1892 Ashland, Ohio company office.

Office Efficiency saves money.  Are you having to go through your work to get to your work?

Conservative estimates of the price paid by organizations due to disorganization follow:

Here's the economics for you to consider: The salary of a secretary earning $30,000 per year translates into approximately $.25 per minute. If the secretary spends a conservative 30 minutes per day searching through work to find the work, the annual cost to a company is $1500.00 per year.  An executive earning $90,000 per year is worth $.75 per minute, and a half hour of disorganization per day translates into $4,500.00 of lost productivity per year. Now multiply these dollars by the number of employees affected.

Needless frustration, wasted physical energy, anger, accidental strains, and confusion all exact additional tolls on your employees and on your business. Disorganization reduces office efficiency, is also not visually appealing, can depress employees, and also reflects poorly on the business when customers or others tour your office.

Efficiency makes good business sense!


Add ergonomic office products in your business to organize your personal and business space while helping to reduce employee injuries. Working at a desk with appropriate ergonomic specifications, keeping your desk and office area clear of unnecessary items, making certain that frequently utilized or referenced items remain within easy reach so straining and musculoskeletal disorders are eliminated benefits employees and the business.

Ergonomic products, including ergonomically designed work stations, lcd monitor arms, telephone mounts, keyboard trays, glare filters, filing systems, arm rests, adjustable copy holders, and their placement for your particular usage are among the offerings that can help your employees work more safely and efficiently.

Ergonomics was unheard of in this circa 1900s


Ergonomics was unheard of in this circa 1900s postcard of the crowded General Sales Office for Swift & Co. in Chicago, IL.

(Images of turn-of-the-century offices are courtesy of The Early Office Museum)