Gas spring technology offers smooth height adjustability for variable monitor arm weights

Gas springs pneumatic technology provides easy counterbalancing adjustment.   Both our Astra and Spacedec LCD arms are designed with gas spring technology. Placed in the elevating portion of your articulating arm, the gas pneumatic is set to accommodate a weight range that adjusts smoothly when moved, yet keeps your monitor in the stationary position you desire. Arms are rated for weight ranges, for example, "1 to 10 lbs", to ensure there is a proper counterbalancing.

Suspa and Stabilus pneumatics are featured in two lines of our LCD flat panel arms. Our Astra line utilizes Suspa gas lift cylinders, and Spacedec uses Stabilus pneumatics. These German manufacturers are the two leading manufacturers of pneumatic technology for a wide variety of industries and applications. Their well-honed design expertise and quality control provides you with stable and reliable arm maneuverability.

Stabilus gas springs are designed into our Spacedec product line of mounting arms.

Stabilus gas springs are designed into our Spacedec
product line of mounting arms.

Suspa gas lift cylinder technology.

The Astra flat panel monitor arm for desk mount uses Suspa gas lift cylinder technology.

The inner workings of pneumatic gas lift cylinders. A gas cylinder mechanism consists of four basic physical parts: a pressure tube, a piston rod (which includes its piston and bore), valves, and the appropriate fittings to connect it within the monitor arm. The long pressure tube contains compressed nitrogen as well as oil, which provides a dampening effect and self lubrication. The amount of nitrogen placed in the pressure tube is dependent on the weight range of the application and what degree of movement is desired. The "Newton" is defined as the metric unit amount of force applied for one second that causes a 1-kilogram object to reach a certain speed of 1 m/s.

The gas pneumatic mechanism is fitted to the arm extension that is meant to be adjusted up and down. As the arm is flexed and adjusted to different placement, the piston rod is either being pressed deeper within the tube, exerting force on the encapsulated nitrogen, or pulled outwardly. This varying level of nitrogen compression exerts an equal amount of pressure on different areas of the piston, producing a force against the oil. The output, or extension force as it is called, can be defined very specifically and tailored to meet the requirements for specific lifting and supporting criteria. This is managed by proper selection of the Filing pressure during the initial design and manufacturing process, as well as mounting a monitor with a weight that falls within the suggested weight range for your particular LCD monitor arm.

Locking gas spring safety


Locking gas spring safety. This technology, which has been specifically modified for LCD monitor mounting and includes minimum and maximum weight capacities established by the Spacedec and Astra manufacturers, do not require on-site preventative maintenance. Pneumatic equipment is pressurized and lubricated at the factory for the life of the product.

There is no concern about the encased gas within the tube, because it is not a toxic or flammable substance. Instead, nitrogen, which we breathe everyday, is inserted in the pressurized tube in measured amounts.


Basic gas lift cylinder example for illustrative purposes only.

When setting up your LCD monitor arm you must mount the monitor so the arm can be properly positioned. We'll frequently receive calls from customers who've stopped the assembly procedure prior to mounting their monitor onto the arm. They say the arm is resting too high or resists movement.  Your monitor must be attached to the arm in order for the counterbalancing physics to establish balance.

Each of our monitor arms are designed to accommodate a certain weight range of monitor. This information is included on our web pages to ensure you order an arm that will work with your particular LCD computer monitor. If you have taken the correct weight of your monitor, assembling your LCD arm will proceed satisfactorily.

Pneumatic spring quality. Both Suspa and Stabilus meet the highest worldwide standards for lifting and counterbalancing and are well-known for their efficient manufacturing techniques. Over their many years in business, both have developed formal and well-refined quality assurance programs and standards. Both work closely with manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Both have received awards from numerous firms for their products and quality programs. We're proud their products are integrated into several of our quality arms.

Gas lift cylinders with five year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. Articulating LCD arms are potential repositioned numerous times during the day. An issue with the pneumatics could only come about as a result of cylinder leakage. However, the high quality standards and expertise of these two pneumatic cylinder manufacturers has virtually eliminated any occurrence of valve leakage.

Both our Astra and Spacedec LCD arm manufacturers include a 5 year guarantee for the gas springs pneumatic against defects in materials or workmanship. However, after all our years in the industry, our company has never experienced even one complaint about this, so we know they last far longer.

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