A popular choice for furniture construction - used in schools, home and office

MDF board is integral to the construction of many furnishings.  The many benefits of MDF have led to its becoming the  popular and functional choice in furniture construction. Manufacturers of school, home and office furniture and accessories include it in the construction of desks, high quality marker boards, work surfaces, pillars, and other products. It is very strong, provides longevity, and is resistant to warping that occurs over time, caused by moisture. Consumers benefit with cost savings compared to real wood, because MDF boards are man-made from wood fibers, rather than particles. Compressed with adhesive, its surface is smooth, so it's easy to apply varnishes, laminates, and paints directly to the surface. Plus, it's easily cut, drilled and machined.

Medium density fiberboard reduces wood waste. Landfill waste is reduced, deforestation slowed and habitat preserved, because it's possible for MDF to be made from 100% recovered wood fiber. Compared to particle board, MDF is stronger, more dense, and boasts superior resistant to warping that may often occurs over time.

.MDF board is usually invisible to consumer's eyes     MDF sheets being cured

MDF sheets being cured



MDF board is usually invisible to consumer's eyes.  This durable, dependable, and cost effective material is most often used as a substrate (backing material). Covered by stylish laminates and finishes, MDF is usually invisible to the consumer eye. It is often the backing of choice for high quality marker boards and tackboards. Its strength and superior resistance to warping that occurs over time, and helps to ensure the functionality of your equipment and furniture.

Originally invented in the 1960s, the usage of medium density fiberboard has expanded into all areas of construction. While similar to other compressed products, such as particle board or hardboard, MDF board offers superior qualities. It's U.S. industry standard is: ANSI A208.2, "Medium Density Fiberboard for Interior Use".


Many office and household furnishings utilize MDF board their construction.  MDF boards can be finished very smooth, and they may also be grain-printed.