Foam padded and gel filled wrist rests - they can be highly beneficial for your hand and wrist.

If you use a computer heavily, a wrist rest can be a highly beneficial ergonomic accessory. Wrist rests help protect against the occupational hazards of extensive typing and clicking, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and other repetitive stress injuries (RSI). The raised wrist rest encourages proper ergonomic alignment of the wrists and hands and offers a comfortable resting place between keyboarding and mousing actions. Use a keyboard wrist rest for typing and a mouse wrist rest or integrated wrist rest mouse pad for the mousing hand.

Item #: 06-EGL007
Item #: 06-EGL012L

Ergonomic Wrist Rest Solutions - Find a Keyboard or Mouse Wrist Rest. Wrist rests are among the simplest and most affordable accessories you can use to make your office more ergonomic. Studies suggest that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is by far the most common office-related injury, followed closely by inflammation of the trapezius muscle. Both of these complaints can result from improper positioning of the hands and wrists while using the computer, as well as from excessive repetition of typing and mousing actions without a rest.

Avoid undue pressure to the wrists by resting the heel of the hand on the wrist rest while computing. We offer wrist rests in a variety of colors, styles, and fillings. For a custom fit, try a memory foam wrist rest or gel wrist rest. Select a gel keyboard wrist rest and a gel mouse wrist rest for complete support. Or for the convenience of one integrated piece, you may prefer a wrist rest mouse pad. We offer several mouse pad wrist rest designs. Do you favor tried and true brand names? Look here for a Fellowes wrist rest or 3M wrist rest. Or simply browse our wide selection to find the perfect wrist rest for you.