Our lectern podium collection offers many wood lecterns and metal lecterns to assist with your presentation.

Lectern podiums add professionalism and beauty to any presentation room. Formal wooden lecterns and podium lecterns add an ambiance of expertise to an informative oration. Whether made of solid wood, wood veneer, metal, or a laminate surface, these lectern podiums can serve to match the metal or wood furniture you may already have in your conference room.

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Lectern Podium - Wood Lectern and Metal Lectern Solutions. Metal and Wood lecterns are a standard in the podiums market because they share mutual characteristics that make them both functional and desirable furniture pieces. These features include: sturdy metal and wood construction, quality craftsmanship aimed at product longevity, and an angled lectern platform that raises your speaking materials up for easy viewing during your presentation. Whether your podium lectern is used in a business office, conference room, school auditorium, house of worship, or elsewhere, you'll be sure to find a wood lectern with the features and qualities you require.

This extensive collection of metal and wood lecterns includes an array of features that can assist you with everything from your spoken oration to incorporating the use of multimedia equipment into your presentations. Many of these lectern podiums are available with built-in PA systems that serve to project your voice to a large audience. Some of these wooden lecterns are handy, portable tabletop lecterns that can be used on their own or can be coupled with a lectern base that also doubles as a multimedia cart. Whether you're seeking a full-floor lectern that has a wide base with built-in cabinets and shelves or a pedestal podium with a single, elegant support post, you'll find the wooden lectern that meets your aesthetic ideal.

Some wooden lecterns are height-adjustable to conform to how tall various presenters are, while other wood podiums can adjust so low in height that sitting or standing becomes optional. An array of advantageous multimedia features are available on many wood podium models, including special projector shelves, locking equipment cabinets, laptop shelves, wire management guides, and built-in power strips. Extras that can make your wooden podium more refined include features like pneumatic height adjustment levers and brass reading lights. We even offer wood lecterns with religious imagery for use in your church or house of worship.