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A TV ceiling mount is the ideal display solution for busy environments requiring high visibility with limited floor and wall space. Boardrooms, retail stores, trade shows, and public information displays are all common applications for a ceiling mount TV. We offer an assortment of tube and flat, ceiling TV mount models designed to support a wide range of screen sizes, mounting locations, and preferences. Adjustable tilt, 360 swivel, and variable pole lengths are among the common features of our ceiling TV mounts.

Item #: 25-MCS-CMS
From $405.24
Item #: 25-CM2C40U
Item #: 14-PRC-E
From $282.17
Item #: 185-C63D Black
Item #: 185-C63 Black
Item #: 185-C65 Black
Item #: 185-C65D Black
Item #: 185-C37D Black
Item #: 185-C55DV Black
Item #: 185-C55V Black
Item #: 185-C37 Black
Item #: 14-ECM-AST
Item #: 185-CXT42 Black
Item #: 185-CQUAD55V Black
Item #: 185-CQUAD63 Black
From $1,584.00
Item #: 185-C63-18 Black
Item #: 185-C32-24A Black
Item #: 185-C37D-36A Black
Item #: 185-C37-36A Black
Item #: 185-C32-48A Black
Item #: 185-C63-36 Black
Item #: 185-C63D-36 Black
Item #: 185-C37D-60A Black
Item #: 185-C37-60A Black

A TV Ceiling Mount for your Ceiling Mount TV. TV ceiling mounts are versatile and convenient solutions for many commercial, public, and business arenas. In public places and high-capacity rooms where wall space is scarce, such as airport terminals and lecture halls, a low-profile plasma or LCD TV ceiling mount can offer wider visibility than a wall mount while bearing a relatively small screen size. Many varieties of multi-screen TV ceiling mounts are available, providing maximum coverage while demanding minimum real estate.

A television ceiling mount is typically a load-bearing pole attached to a ceiling bracket at one end and a TV bracket at the other. A flat panel TV ceiling mount, such as a plasma ceiling mount, may come with an option of several TV brackets for supporting different screen sizes. A CRT ceiling mount will usually provide a platform shelf or yoke instead of a bracket for suspending your tube TV. The bracket may attach to a flat or angled ceiling surface, or to an overhead truss assembly.