Looking for a TV cabinet? We have TV cabinet mounts and under cabinet mounts to meet your needs.

TV cabinet mounts attach to the inside, top surface, or underside of your TV cabinet to provide an easy-access display that maintains a low profile when not in use. Install a kitchen flip down TV with one of our under cabinet TV mounts; consider an inside TV cabinet mount that pulls out for viewing and retracts for enclosure; or mount your TV to the top surface of your armoire on a swiveling post. We also offer a variety of TV cabinet lift installations that reveal and conceal your screen by remote control.

Item #: 25-MTSBV
Item #: 25-STLU
Item #: 25-STS1

TV Cabinets - A TV Cabinet Mount and Under Cabinet Mount for your LCD TV or Flat Screen TV. Make the most of your existing TV furniture with a TV Cabinet.. TV cabinet mounts offer a variety of screen adjustment features for optimizing your display while sparing your walls and ceiling from drilling. Cabinet TV mounts that attach to an outside surface typically provide pivot-rotation along with other features. An under cabinet TV mount can flip up and flip down for easy viewing, while a cabinet TV lift can mechanically hide and expose your TV. We offer LCD TV and plasma cabinet lift models with remote controlled extension and swivel that integrate with your own furniture to create a custom pop up TV cabinet. For simpler tastes, we also offer a manual pull-out TV cabinet mount that is easily pushed in and hidden from view.