Task chairs offer smart, efficient office seating for temporary tasks.

Browse our wide selection of office task chairs to find a design that suits your style and comfort requirements. We offer both high back and mid back task chair options with low- to mid-range adjustability. Simple, economical task chairs are designed to provide functional seating for temporary tasks and jobs that don't involve extensive sitting. Easy mobility, basic height and tilt adjustment, and durable fabric upholstery are common features of the office task chair.

Item #: 05-34552-E
Item #: 18-2424AGL
Item #: 18-2424AG
Item #: 57-IWPD18
Item #: 11-4182PMAL/BL
Item #: 11-3490BL
Item #: 11-4182PMAL/GS
Item #: 11-4182PMAL/PE
Item #: 11-4182PMWA/BL
Item #: 11-4182PMWA/GS
Item #: 11-4182PMWA/PE
Item #: 11-4182UMWA/BL/OR13
Item #: 11-3490BV
Item #: 11-3490BU
Item #: 11-3490BG
Item #: 11-3490GR
Item #: 11-3496BL
Item #: 11-3498BL
Item #: 18-12ADJARM

Office Task Chairs - A Variety of Task Chair Designs. Task chairs offer a smart, efficient seating option for common use computer workstations, group project tables, and occasional desk use. Smooth caster mobility and 360 degree swivel make it easier for users to multitask and negotiate busy work places. An adjustable task chair is helpful for accommodating multiple users and making even temporary use as comfortable as possible. The common fabric task chair is upholstered in a tough and stain-resistant fabric to withstand intensive use. Our fabric task chairs come in a variety of color options to suit the user's or designer's taste. We offer both mid back task chair and high back task chair options in our collection.