Table top lecterns turn any desk, table, or countertop into a formal place to present

Tabletop lecterns make impromptu presentations a breeze, due to their portability and versatility. Use these table top lecterns alone or pair many of them with a matching lectern base to create a complete full-floor lectern. The tabletop portion of these lecterns sits directly on top of any table, desk, or countertop and transforms a standard room into a formal presentation area. Tabletop lecterns have an angled lectern platform with a raised book ledge that serve to prop up your presentation paperwork and keep it held securely in place.

Item #: 39-22-E
Item #: 11-ERG2140
Item #: 39-950-E
Item #: 39-910-E

Tabletop Lecterns - Portable Presentation Podiums. Tabletop lecterns are especially handy in situations where a full-floor lectern may be too cumbersome or bulky to utilize easily. A table top lectern eliminates this problem by being small, versatile, and portable while still serving to create a formal presentation area. Even by itself, when placed upon a table, desk, or countertop, a tabletop lectern enhances the beauty of the presentation room, demands attention from the audience, promotes professionalism, and heightens the authority of a spoken oration. In addition, of these table top lectern choices, most are made with sturdy wood or acrylic construction that increases the quality and longevity of the lectern.

These table top lecterns come in useful variations of style, materials, and features. Some tabletop lecterns are made with wood or acrylic, while others include a PA system that serves to project the speaker's voice. You can customize your tabletop lectern with many optional accessories, such as: lectern reading lights, wireless microphone systems, lectern batteries, extension speakers, and digital clocks that keep your presentation well-timed. For optimal versatility when seeking a full-floor lectern, consider ordering a table top lectern along with its matching base. You can use the tabletop portion in a jiffy, conventionalize your presentation by combining top and base, or use the mobile base as a handy multimedia cart.