Quality audio furniture for your Hi-Fi stereo components.

Shop here for classic and contemporary stereo furniture for your office or home entertainment room, including open-shelf audio towers and enclosed stereo cabinet designs. Whether you're looking for a standalone piece or completing your entertainment furniture ensemble, these stereo stands will support your Hi-Fi components with grace and style. Our stereo furniture selections feature thoughtful provisions for size adjustments, ventilation, and discreet cable routing. You'll find handcrafted hardwood stereo cabinets, elegant, "floating" glass stereo stands, and modern black audio stand designs in our diverse audio furniture collection.

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Stereo Furniture - Audio Towers, Stereo Stands and Cabinet Options. Quality stereo furniture is an essential component of the ideal home theater. Multi-tiered audio stands and audio cabinets provide separate and dedicated storage for a complete Hi-Fi audio system, including tuners, receivers, CD players, tape decks, and LP turntables. Well-designed stereo furniture includes ventilation holes to dissipate heat, a system of channels for hiding cables, and adjustable shelving to fit your various components and media. We also offer modular stereo cabinets with stackable units of various sizes that you can add on as your collection grows. Our audio towers and stereo stands come in a range of sizes with and designs to fit your collection and lifestyle.

Stack your audio components on an open-shelf audio tower for ultimate ventilation, easy access, and a proud display. A/V equipment can heat up fast, especially at louder volumes, which makes the open-architecture stereo stand a convenient option for preserving your electronics. Or hide your equipment within an enclosed audio cabinet for security, dust control, and a quieter appearance in your room. Audio electronics generate a great deal of static electricity, which draws dust like a magnet, making the stereo cabinet another compelling choice. Select your stereo furniture to coordinate with your TV stand, media tower, or other entertainment furniture, or choose an individual piece for the office, studio, or bedroom to create your own audio haven.