Server racks and server cabinets, including LAN racks and server rack cabinets.

Are you looking for a server rack (4-post standard), server cabinet, LAN rack, or portable rack cart? We have assembled a variety of server rack storage solutions to meet your size requirements and practical concerns. Our server racks and server cabinets are built by industry experts for durability, flexibility, and easy access. Because even your server furniture should help you to streamline your work process and reduce unnecessary stress.

Item #: 25-SWR-10-12
From $344.95
Item #: 25-NS1F12
From $279.95
Item #: 25-RWM-13-18
From $149.95
Item #: 25-NE1F36
From $514.95
Item #: 25-NE1F20
From $474.95
Item #: 25-NS1F36
From $369.95
Item #: 25-NS1F20
From $322.95
Item #: 25-NE1F28
From $494.95
Item #: 25-NS1F28
From $362.95
Item #: 25-RKRL20SPACE
Item #: 25-RKRL12SPACE
Item #: 25-RKRL28SPACE
Item #: 25-RKRL36SPACE
Item #: 25-NAC25H
Item #: 25-NAF31HBA
Item #: 25-RKRL41SPACE
Item #: 25-NS1F41
From $379.95
Item #: 25-NE1F44
From $618.95
Item #: 25-ER-4
From $94.95
Item #: 25-ERK-4-16B
From $134.95
Item #: 18-350222
Item #: 25-ER-8-18
From $119.95
Item #: 18-21124
Item #: 18-21145

Server Rack, Server Cabinet and LAN Rack options for your Server Furniture needs. Convenience is the watchword when you're managing a computer network. That's why our computer racks and LAN furniture are adjustable, modular, and customizable. Adjustable size means you can feel free to expand without having to invest in all new server furniture. Modular units can be combined and recombined as needed. Server rack accessories like shelves, keyboard trays, and mobile options can help you customize your rack enclosures cabinets or LAN workstation.

In addition to server racks and server cabinets, our collection of server furniture includes computer workstations for multi-tasking IT professionals. We offer LAN racks and workbenches for a variety of budgets to manage businesses of any size. Each furniture line includes several standard workstation configurations and optional accessories. Combine several modular units together to build an IT room that works for you and your network.