Portable, freestanding divider panels are easy to install.

These commercial-quality, room divider and room partitions make excellent office partitions, temporary classrooms, and display backdrops. They offer privacy and acoustical shielding, creative space design possibilities, and a variety of multi-functional surfaces. Vinyl and fabric room partition and room dividers are available in multiple color options and double as tackable surfaces for art and information displays. You'll also find cork board and magnetic whiteboard wall dividers, ideal for educational settings, office meetings, and product demonstrations.

Item #: 05-661Ax-DN-E
From $640.74
Item #: 05-66218-87
Item #: 05-662XX-66204
From $204.00
Item #: 05-6622X-66204
From $381.54
Item #: 05-66219-87
Item #: 05-661Ax-DC-E
From $587.94
Item #: 05-662XX-66200
From $192.00
Item #: 05-689D3-H
Item #: 05-661Ax-DD-E
From $1,051.15
Item #: 05-646
From $199.14
Item #: 05-689D3-V
Item #: 05-661Ax-DT-E
From $543.54
Item #: 05-689D-H
Item #: 05-647
From $199.14
Item #: 05-689D-V
Item #: 05-6622X-66200
From $369.54
Item #: 05-7486x-E
From $1,356.00
Item #: 05-554-E4
Item #: 11-2010PCS
Item #: 11-2012PCS

Room Dividers - Office Partitions and Folding Screens. Our decorative room dividers and office partitions are easy to erect, configure, move, and store. We offer several mobile screen dividers, including a line of folding screens that extend from their own mobile storage cabinet. Other office partitions are modular with interlocking panels that create lightweight, movable walls and separate to stack away. One wall partition design actually rolls into a cylinder. All of our room partitions are freestanding and pre-assembled, requiring no additional installation or investment.