Display four monitors together with a quad LCD mount or stand.

Set up 4 monitors in horizontal, vertical, or quad formation with one of our 4 monitor or quad monitor mounts and stands. A quad LCD mount or stand displays 4 LCD monitors in a 2-over-2 square formation. We also offer mounts and stands for four monitors in a row, or back-to-back. Position your four monitor or quad monitor display on the wall or on your desktop with a freestanding desk stand or desk mount.

Item #: 14-MM-A284
Item #: 60-9120-D-28
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Item #: 25-K3F220B
Item #: 185-CQUAD55V Black
Item #: 185-C2K55DV Black
Item #: 185-CQUAD63 Black
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Item #: 25-K3G220B
Item #: 25-K4G410B
Item #: 25-LCM4U
Item #: 25-KTG-440
Item #: 25-KTP-440
Item #: 25-KTG-445
Item #: 25-KTP-445
Item #: 106-ERG2142
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Item #: 106-ERG2139
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Item #: 106-ERG2138
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Quad Monitor Mounts and Stands for 4 Monitors Display 4 monitors with one mount or stand and maximize your access to projects, images, and data from one computer. Our quad monitor stands and mounts can be used to the advantage of a single user, or to share information between many. Use a quad monitor stand or quad monitor mount with 4 monitor arms that separately adjust to position your 4 monitors toward opposite users. Or position your quad LCD stand on one workstation and adjust your quad monitors individually for the best visual angle. Quad monitor arm mounts allow maximum flexibility for adjusting your four monitors.

Whether you prefer a freestanding quad LCD monitor stand or a secured quad LCD monitor mount, these quality mounts and stands will safely and steadily uphold your 4 monitor display. Each freestanding 4 monitor stand is constructed of heavy duty steel with a weighted base to balance the weight of your 4 monitors. We also offer desk mounts and wall mounts to support 4 monitors, as well as some that can be mounted both ways. For specialty mounting scenarios, consider a 4 LCD mount with a vertical wall track, or a heavy-duty pole mount. We also offer an expandable four monitor floor stand that displays up to four monitors vertically and back-to-back, ideal for digital signage.

While a quad monitor set up is common, you may prefer to display your four monitors on a horizontal four monitor array. The typical 4 monitor array is a single-tiered horizontal beam that is gently arced to wrap around your workstation. You can mount your 4 monitors in a fixed position, or choose a 4 monitor mount that supports your entire array on extending arms. Are you interested in mounting more than 4 monitors? Search our separate category for multi monitor mounts and stands to support 5 monitors, 6 monitors, or more. Or start modestly with a dual monitor or triple monitor mount, and expand from there.