Find a projector screen or projection screen, with portable, fixed, or manual pull down features.

When the lights go down in your boardroom, classroom, or home theater, all eyes fall from you to the projector screen. It's up to your projector screen now to uphold your personal standards for a quality presentation. The audience looks forward a clear, crisp image, while those executing the event hope for a seamless mechanical performance. Whether you prefer a manual or motorized projection screen; a fixed wall mount, pull down ceiling mount, or collapsible tripod stand; these projection screen selections will help you ensure a professional quality video presentation.

Item #: 05-204A
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Item #: 05-669RG-FD-2
$882.00 $939.54
Item #: 05-204E
From $743.94
Item #: 05-667RG-FF
$726.00 $857.94
Item #: 05-667RU-FF
Item #: 05-667RG-FC
$630.00 $743.94
Item #: 05-204AC
Item #: 05-667RU-FC
Item #: 05-667RG-FD
$702.00 $826.74
Item #: 05-667RU-FD
Item #: 05-669RG-FF-2
$846.00 $903.54
Item #: 05-669RU-FF-2
Item #: 05-669RG-FC-2
$792.00 $843.54
Item #: 05-669RU-FC-2
Item #: 05-669RU-FD-2
Item #: 05-204LC
Item #: 05-204P
From $295.14
Item #: 05-2048
From $245.94
Item #: 05-2049
From $245.94

Projector Screen Options - Manual, Fixed, and Portable Projection Screens. We offer a diversity of projector screens to ensure that you'll find a solution for you. What size screen will best serve your room? The classic front projection screen is designed to reflect light back when a projector is pointed at it from the front. If you're setting up your screen in a room with a lot of ambient light, such as a home living room, you may achieve a sharper image from a smaller, 60" projection screen, as opposed to the big projector screen you may prefer for an auditorium.

Do you prefer a manual, retractable projection screen, or would an electric projection screen serve your better? While a pull down projection screen might be ideal for dynamic environments such as classrooms, electric projection screens are convenient for larger rooms where the screen might be harder to access by hand. An electric projector screen also adds a smooth, classy touch to boardroom presentations.

What kind of mounting set-up does your room dictate? Our motorized and manual projection screens can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted to suit your preference. When a wall or ceiling projection screen isn't ideal, you may prefer a portable projector screen. Perfect for occasional presentations, a portable tripod projection screen, from our projector mount category, easily collapses and unfolds when needed, providing fast set-up and compact storage. Our tripod projector screen includes its own carrying case and comes in several sizes.