Choose a universal, projector mount for your DLP or LCD projector, including projector ceiling mount and projector wall mount applications.

These versatile, universal projector mount options will accommodate any multimedia projector in any mounting location. Whether you're furnishing a conference room, home theater, or auditorium, we offer a projector mounting solution for your specific requirements. Install a wall projector mount for an easy-access, swing-out solution, or find a ceiling projector mount with adjustable height, tilt, and rotation. Our ceiling projector mounts are offered with a host of accessories to adapt to any ceiling surface, height, or angle.

Item #: 25-KIT-PA018024
$295.00 $314.95
Item #: 25-RSMAU
Item #: 14-FTP
Item #: 14-PBL-UM
Item #: 25-WM210AUSI
From $1,184.95
Item #: 25-WM130AUS
Item #: 25-PG3A
Item #: 14-PDS-LAT
Item #: 25-LCD2C
Item #: 25-LCD2TS
Item #: 25-PG
From $320.00
Item #: 25-RPA
Item #: 25-WP22US
From $304.95
Item #: 25-SL151
Item #: 25-SL236FD
Item #: 25-SL236SP
Item #: 185-JKTWIN Black
Item #: 185-JKS2-11A Black
From $219.95
Item #: 185-JR3 Black
Item #: 25-WP21US
Item #: 25-WM210AUS
Item #: 25-WM110AUS
Item #: 185-JRWX450 Black

Projector Mounts - A Projector Mount for Ceiling Mount Projector and Wall Projector Applications. A well-designed video projector mount does more than simply hold your projector in place. These compact yet intricate mechanical units provide a host of adjustment features for optimizing your projector's image registration and quality. Our projector ceiling mounts and projector wall mounts come from the most respected projector mount manufacturers in the industry. These professional-quality projector mounts are designed to draw maximum performance from your video projection equipment.

Most LCD projector mounts offer precise adjustments for up/down tilt or "pitch"; side-to-side swivel, or "yaw"; and portrait-to-landscape rotation, also called "roll". These adjustments are provided at the level of the projector bracket that attaches the projector to the mount. Additional functionality may come from the projector wall mount arm or the projector ceiling mount pole. A short-throw projector arm mount provides 180 degree swivel from the wall, while a height adjustable projector ceiling mount can be extended or shortened in-field.

Our ceiling projector mounts are offered with a host of optional accessories for mounting your projector to a variety of overhead structures. You'll find brackets that adapt your ceiling mount to a drop ceiling, cathedral ceiling, or truss structure. Most ceiling projector mount poles can be extended with either fixed-length or adjustable-length pole extensions; or you may forego poles altogether in favor of a flush mounted projector ceiling bracket. Each ceiling projector mount kit includes hardware for mounting to wood studs or concrete slab.

All ceiling and wall projector mounts are universal projector mounts designed to support all contemporary DLP and LCD projectors. This means that the projector mount has a universal interface bracket complete with all the mounting hole patterns known to match current projector models. The universal mounting bracket ensures technical compatibility with the projector, while other adjustable features account for variations in size. Security options for your DLP / LCD projector mount include steel cages and a mount with an adjustable-width key locking tray.