Looking for desk organizers? Or maybe a paper tray, desktop shelf or desk sorter. Enjoy a wide selection of desktop accessories.

Simplify your space with our desk organizers, including filing systems, desk file and desk accessories. Whether you choose a desktop organizer to accommodate most of your desk accessories, or a wall organizer to free up the work surface, each filing system makes a functional addition to your home or office. Cut the clutter with one of our desk file or desk shelves, available complete with a variety of organizational drawers to hold desk accessories. Combination units offer both desktop accessories to assure that your papers and supplies are conveniently sorted all in one desk organizer.

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Desktop Organizers - Wide selection of Desk Organizer, Desk File and Desk Accessories. From desk paper trays, desk file and filing systems to unique desktop organizers we feature a solution for your sorting needs, whether big or small. Many of our filing system options come in vertical and horizontal filing combinations, assuring that you can use one part as a paper tray and the other for your desk file needs. Unique mix-and-match units place designing in your hands; choose from various components to build your custom desk organizers, complete with organizing drawers, file holders, binder storage and desk accessory compartments.

A quality desk organizer meets your filing and desk accessory storage needs while enriching your workspace with exceptional design. Choose from our wood desk organizer collection or opt for a mesh, plastic or steel desk sorter. Both our wood and metal desk organizers are designed to last, assuring a reliable desk filing solution for years to come. These innovative filing systems feature all the desk sorter bonuses you want, from small compartments for your essential desk accessories, including writing supplies, notes and more, to generous spaces for papers, files and envelopes. Opt for one of our desk organizer and sorter designs and double your available space while keeping your desk accessories within easy reach.