TV lifts and motorized mounts for your TV cabinet, included with this lift for TV is a remote control.

When you want the best of both worlds, a TV lift or motorized mount is your solution. Motorized mounts allow you to hide TV and LCD screens when not in use to preserve space and décor, then reveal and control your screen with the touch of a remote. We offer market-leading TV lifts with swivel and extension capabilities to optimize your viewing experience. Our diverse motorized mount selection also includes countertop pop up plasma mounts, a desk or ceiling flip down mount, and a hidden TV wall mount that conceals your television screen behind a picture frame. Find the plasma TV lift that will satisfy your fantasy.

Item #: 25-CM2C40U

TV Lift and Motorized Mount options for your LCD TV or Flat Screen TV. Upgrade your TV furniture or TV cabinet with the convenience and sophistication of a pop up TV. Our plasma TV lift systems include standard furniture TV lifts that move only vertically, as well as and swivel/extension TV cabinet lift options. You can install your plasma lift to rise out of an existing cabinet, console, or half-wall. We also offer motorized screen solutions for wall, ceiling, and desk or countertop mounting. Our motorized LCD TV mounts flip up or down from your conference table and close flush with the surface for flawless presentations. Our motorized wall mount solutions offer motorized tilt and lateral shift.