Modular home office furniture of real ash wood veneer.

Your home desk is a personal place, with very particular requirements. It has to fit your office space while accommodating all of your projects. It also has to look and feel like home. Our modular desk collection is designed to help you create your own ideal home office. Handsome in genuine hardwood veneers with a stylish, curvilinear cut, these contemporary wood desks will complement any décor scheme. Side-reversible and expandable, our modular desks offer numerous extensions, hutches, shelving and storage options for customizing your workstation.

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Configure Your Own Home Desk with Our Modular Desk Collection. Our home desks feature easy, no tools assembly to make configuring your home office furniture fast and fun. The patented design assembles by tab and slot, each successive piece locking the rest in place for unshakable stability. It disassembles just as easily, a convenient feature for the modern, changeable lifestyle. This home desk design made its debut at the 2005 NeoCon World's Trade Fair, where it was awarded the Buildings Magazine Grand Prize in Innovations in the "Computer Furniture Solutions" category.

Our quality wood veneer desks belong to a Select line in our modular desk furniture collection. The Select line is constructed of high-quality engineered composite wood, with thin layers of whole Ash and Oak logs used for the surface veneers. Engineered composite wood is composed of recycled hardwood and softwood lumber scraps and other wood waste, making it both highly durable and eco-friendly. Hardwood veneers offer the warmth and beauty of a wood desk in a less vulnerable and more sustainable package.