Mail stations, mail sorters and mail tables for mail processing in your mailroom.

Shipping and mail processing centers require durable, well-designed mail station furniture to accommodate their high mailflow. From mail stations for packing and shipping systems to mail sorters for mail processing, our mail furniture is built for heavy use. Create your ideal mail station with our mail table and sorter modules, or see our complete package shipping workstations.
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Choose a Mail Station, Mail Sorter or Mail Table for your Mail Room. Our mailroom furniture includes both mail stations for mail processing and package shipping workstations. A basic mail station consists of a mail table with a mail sorter module. Modular mail stations can be expanded upwards with additional sorter modules or laterally with additional mail stations. For higher mailflow and mailroom sorting centers, try creating a corner mail station by adding a corner mail table and sorter to your other mail furniture modules.

We also offer sturdy mailroom equipment for packing and shipping. A steel frame workstation is designed for PC-based shipping systems, with mounting shelves for computer equipment and worksurfaces for processing mail packages. An open wire packing station allows ventilation for your mail station supplies and is available with a variety of optional accessories for package and mail processing. Steel mail furniture is designed to support a heavy mailflow for the busy mail processing center.