Mail carts and wire carts; mail furniture for your mailroom.

A mail cart or mobile mail cart makes interoffice mail deliveries simple. Mail carts feature upper and lower storage bins that are designed to keep your letters and packages organized and accessible. Use a sturdy steel or wire cart to transport heavy volumes of interoffice mail with ease.

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Choose a Mail Cart or Wire Cart for your Mail Room. Keep your interoffice mail neatly sorted and ready for delivery with a two-level mail cart. The upper bin or basket of your steel or wire cart is designed to support hanging file folders to keep your letters organized. The bottom storage area is built for heavier or bulkier mail packages. Alternatively, our mailroom sorting category offers heavy duty steel and wire carts with platform shelves for loading mail totes with larger volumes of interoffice mail.

Mobile on casters and sturdily built, our mail carts will transport heavy loads of interoffice mail easily from office to office. Molded handles and larger back wheels on some mail cart models make steering easy despite the weight. Mail totes are also available in sets of three for use with shelf carts such as the 3-shelf wire cart. Choose from smaller or larger mail carts according to the size of your company.