Choose a laptop arm or laptop mount, or notebook arm or notebook mount for your laptop computer or notebook computer.

Whether in the home or office, these laptop arms and laptop mounts provide an ideal solution for multitasking individuals in need of easy laptop access. Our notebook arms extend and articulate to bring your laptop computer or notebook computer directly within reach, then fold and retract again to free up space. Use a laptop desk mount to toggle between your laptop and PC, or to enjoy sit-stand flexibility at your computer desk by raising and lowering your laptop. Or install a laptop wall mount for adjustable laptop arm for quick data entry and reference in high traffic areas of the workplace.

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Laptop Mounts and Laptop Arms, Notebook Mounts and Notebook Arms for Wall or Desk Mounting. Laptop arms and laptop mounts encourage a healthy working posture by bringing your laptop to you instead of requiring you to twist and reach. A height adjustable notebook arm can bring your notebook screen or keyboard to the proper ergonomic height for the task you're at. Like other monitor arms, a laptop arm may have one or several links to provide a range of extension and articulation. A simple laptop swing arm may just the thing for your desktop to swing your laptop towards or away from you as needed. Longer laptop arms offer greater extension and retraction capability.

Our notebook desk mount options include a dual arm monitor / laptop mount and a long-armed notebook mount that offers sit-to-stand flexibility. Imagine turning the ergonomic liabilities of your laptop on their head when you convert your laptop workstation to a sit stand desk with this simple laptop arm mount. Under-desk laptop arm models are ideal for workstations where standard monitors are mounted above the desktop and the laptop is used as a secondary tool. Laptop arms can also mount to a grommet, clamp, or pole above the desk.

Laptop wall mount arms can attach to side wall or slatwall to accommodate office cubicles. These notebook arms are also ideal for busy medical, dental, and industrial environments. The notebook arm mount can secure your notebook for common use or allow you to easily remove it for portability outside the workplace. Enjoy the privileges of laptop mobility along with the benefits of flexible computer access with a laptop arm mount. Trust our ergonomic expertise to help you maintain a high standard of workplace comfort, convenience, and productivity - whether at home, in the office, or on the go. * Items with Free Shipping include standard ground service within the Contiguous United States unless otherwise noted on the product page.