Kantek has been a leading manufacturer of quality computer accessories, desk accessories and other products since 1982. We pride ourselves in providing our customers superior products with innovative designs.

As one of the first manufacturers of Anti-Glare filters for personal computers, we helped set the standard for a whole new business. Our commitment to product quality and innovation that served as the foundation for the company’s early growth continues strong today. We’ve been able to establish a strong market position and keep growing because of what we bring to the table - superior design and construction, a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to the marketplace.

Item #: 01-AMS300
Item #: 01-ATS560
Item #: 01-ATS570
Item #: 01-ATS580
Item #: 01-LCD19SV
Item #: 01-LCD15
From $68.40
Item #: 01-ORG500BK
Item #: 01-MAG15L
From $115.14
Item #: 01-LX17
From $40.74
Item #: 01-SVL12.1W
From $64.74
Item #: 01-SVL14.1
From $67.14
Item #: 01-LCD15SV
From $131.94