Choose a high back executive office chair for total spinal support.

The high back executive chair may be the definitive ideal of the executive office chair. Many stores classify executive chairs by this factor alone. Only high back executive chairs provide complete spinal support, many including headrest or neck rest options; and only the high back executive chair has that captain's seat look and feel. Our high back executive office chair category comprises the best executive office chairs we have to offer.

Item #: 18-6446AGL
Item #: 18-6446AG
Item #: 05-34729
$838.80 $895.14
Item #: 18-9413AG-BL
Item #: 05-34434
$478.74 $560.34
Item #: 11-3470BL
Item #: 18-OPH
Item #: 05-34556
$656.40 $697.14
Item #: 18-UL550HEZ-BL
Item #: 18-UL530MEZ-BL
Item #: 18-ULEXBLK
Item #: 18-UL350HBLK

High Back Executive Chair - Options for the Executive Office. Choosing a high back executive chair is the first step in finding the chair for you; but that's just the beginning of the many options you'll have to choose from in our high back executive office chair category. Consider the style, material, and adjustment capabilities you would prefer in your high back executive chair. You'll find leather, mesh, and fabric options; contemporary and traditional designs. In addition, many of our high back executive chairs are on the cutting edge of ergonomic innovation.