Both free standing literature holders with weighted bases and desk mount document holder options are available.

It gives you temporary and permanent placement solutions.  For those who regularly type information from research or hand-written papers the copy holder is an invaluable tool, providing a third arm to free up yours for data input while also acting as a document organizer.  

Book holders found in our selection are highly adjustable and sturdy, holding your books open to the pages needed without any extra effort, and functioning as a flexible tool for reading and researching while keying information, or just to hold your book while reading for pleasure.  Never struggle with back and neck strain from trying to read documents that are scattered about the table, or from books that are too heavy to comfortably hold open; adjust the position of your information to be at a comfortable eye-level and find out for yourself just how valuable these copy holders are.

Item #: 06-ECH002C
Item #: 06-ECH008B
Item #: 06-ECH008C
Item #: 11-2156
Item #: 06-ECH008A
Item #: 06-ECH002A