Heavy-duty flat panel ceiling and wall mounts for 50", 60", 72" and larger displays.

Make an impression when you couple your digital signage displays with our heavy duty flat panel mounts. Large displays mounted on our LCD and plasma mounts provide a powerful advertising strategy for retail stores, corporate buildings and airports. These sturdy mounts securely hold your displays, whether you are mounting one model on the wall or hanging a dozen from the ceiling with our multiple plasma mounts. Ranging in size from 50" mounts and 60" mounts all the way to 103" flat panel mounts, we feature solutions for all of your digital signage environments.

Item #: 25-MCB1X2U
From $846.95
Item #: 14-RTM-L/PSD-BW
Item #: 185-MK65 Black
Item #: 14-RTM-L/PSD-BWL
Item #: 14-RTM-S/PSD-BWL
Item #: 25-LVS1UP
Item #: 25-LVSXUP
Item #: 14-PSD-TS72B
Item #: 25-CM2C40U
Item #: 14-RTM-S/PSD-BW
Item #: 14-PSD-CS
From $1,197.54
Item #: 14-RTM-S/PSD-TS
From $1,108.74
Item #: 14-RTM-L/PSD-TSxx
From $1,199.94
Item #: 14-PSD-TS-CTM-MS1
From $1,022.34
Item #: 14-PSD-TS-CTM-MS2
From $1,076.34
Item #: 14-PSD-EBxx/CTM-MS1
From $1,047.54
Item #: 14-PSD-EBxx/CTM-MS3-E
From $1,339.14
Item #: 14-PSD-EBxx/CTM-MS2
From $1,101.54
Item #: 25-LSAU
$132.00 $145.15
Item #: 25-LSMU
$176.00 $193.55
Item #: 25-XSMU
$220.00 $241.95
Item #: 25-MTMU
$159.50 $185.85

Digital Signage and Large LCD TV and Plasma Mounts. Rely on our extra large LED display mounts, TV mounts, and LCD mounts for all your digital signage installations. Our wide range of universal flat panel mounts will fit most large displays. Choose a universal tilt mount or opt for a flush flat panel mount; many of our mechanisms also offer after-installation adjustments and horizontal or vertical rotation. Our unique digital signage carts are a perfect solution for lobbies and smaller presentation stations. Whether your digital media display is for public information or advertising purposes, our large LCD and plasma mounts will help it stand out.

Enhance your environment with digital media displayed on 50", 60" or larger flat panel displays. A wide range of venues will profit from our flexible, extra-large mounts. Patient lobbies will benefit from informational displays while entertaining clients as they wait. Shopping malls can present advertisements and individual shop locations. Airports can use these large displays to provide public announcements and arrival times. Professional installers will appreciate the convenient mounting features and after-installation adjustments that our digital signage flat panel mounts offer. With a solution for every environment, our digital signage mounts present the perfect complement to your large plasma and LCD displays.