Ergonomic accessories to keep your disk drives in easy reach.

Use a desk CPU holder or CPU stand to make your computer tower more accessible while clearing desk and floor space. CPU holders mount your tower to the underside of your desk, raising the disk drives and power controls to hand level while freeing your feet to stretch beneath the desk. CPU stands can offer height, tilt, and mobility conveniences.

Item #: 06-ECPU01MG
Item #: 08-25729
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Item #: 60-8335-SM
Item #: 60-8335-MD
Item #: 60-8335-LG
Item #: 25-CMA170

CPU Holder and CPU Stand Solutions. Avoid excessive bending and reaching for your CPU with these ergonomic accessories. We offer a variety of CPU stands and holders to choose from, including width adjustable, retractable and tilting models. Choose a mobile CPU stand to wheel your tower in and out of place for easy access and management.