Counter display, table top display and countertop displays.

Counter displays and table top displays for attractive magazine, literature and brochure presentation. A table top display or countertop display is an advantageous way to present your literature and distribution materials to customers and clients where they won’t miss them. Ideal for strategic placement on tables and countertops, these countertop displays function especially well on front desks or in waiting rooms where perhaps only a side table is available for a counter display. Because table top displays are lightweight and easily relocated, they’re also superb for use at trade shows and other traveling exhibits. Get scattered publications organized and looking professional with your choice of these countertop display products.

Counter Displays and Table Top Displays - Countertop Displays for high visibility and space-saving convenience. When ordering a table top display for your business, consider the space in which it will be utilized. Do you prefer a cascading, rotating display that exhibits a large amount of literature in a small space or would you rather each publication be placed side-by-side for a full-cover view? This selection of countertop display or counter racks includes both wood and break-resistant plastic that can either match your existing wooden office decor or display magazines and brochures in transparent view. Depending on the capacity of literature you wish to display, consider how many pockets you require and whether the pocket depth of a display will allow you to exhibit the desired thickness of materials. In addition, there are also magazine racks and literature racks that can be optionally wall-mounted, while others will satisfy your desire for “green” products in the workplace.

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