Find everything you need to furnish your conference room.

When guests and board members gather to discuss your office's most crucial business matters, your conference room table is the centerpiece of the ritual. Set a tone of authority and prestige in your boardroom by starting with a quality conference table. Our conference furniture selection features attractive and durable wood veneer and wood laminate conference tables in a variety of sizes and shapes. We also offer assorted refreshment carts, end tables, and separate categories for conference boards, A/V equipment, and chairs.

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Item #: 57-TR25FT-54B
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Item #: 57-TS3FT-54B
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Item #: 57-TT35FT-54B
Item #: 57-TT36FT-54B

Conference Tables & Accessories - A Complete Selection of Conference Furniture. Your office conference table is not just a functional piece - it's a setting. Create a setting that encourages pride and productivity. Our conference table furniture selection includes standalone, modular, and connecting conference room tables for a variety of boardroom configurations. Select an oval, rectangular, or round conference table for more intimate gatherings, or create a racetrack table from one of our modular lines. Supplement your meeting table with end tables for special equipment, meeting supplies, or refreshments. Our conference room furniture selection also includes mobile refreshment carts.