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We offer a wide assortment of computer chairs and desk chairs for the home and office, including traditional and modern designs with many adjustable features. Use our convenient search sorting tools to hone in on the office desk chair or home computer chair that fits your body, budget, and style. Look for a fabric, mesh, or leather desk chair, or choose an ergonomic computer chair if you spend extended hours at your desk. We've given each of our computer desk chairs an overall ergonomic score to help you weigh the options.

Computer Chairs and Desk Chairs for the Home and Office. Our computer chairs and office desk chairs are designed for both style and comfort, especially for those who spend significant time seated at work. Whether you work at home or in an office, an ergonomic desk chair is essential to relieve the physical stress of sustained sitting. An office computer chair or home computer chair should be adjustable to fit your body, with adequate padding and lumbar support. If your desk job doesn't involve a computer, or you sit at a window or counter instead, you should still have an adjustable desk chair, not just for temporary comfort, but for your long-term health.

Item #: 18-6446AGL
Item #: 05-34729
$838.80 $895.14
Item #: 05-34552-E
Item #: 18-2424AGL
Item #: 18-2424AG
Item #: 18-9414AG
Item #: 05-34434
$478.74 $560.34
Item #: 11-3473BL
Item #: 11-3498BL
Item #: 11-3496BL
Item #: 11-3470BL
Item #: 18-TC2250
Item #: 18-12ADJARM
Item #: 11-4182PMAL/BL
Item #: 11-4182PMAL/GS
Item #: 11-4182PMAL/PE
Item #: 11-4182PMWA/BL
Item #: 11-4182PMWA/GS
Item #: 11-4182PMWA/PE
Item #: 11-4182UMWA/BL/OR13
Item #: 05-34556
$656.40 $697.14
Item #: 11-3490BL
Item #: 11-3490BV
Item #: 11-3490BU

Our office computer chairs and desk chairs offer a variety of ergonomic designs and style options for the individual user or the whole office floor. Modern mesh and leather desk chairs are available, along with many variations on the standard fabric office desk chair. You can sort our office desk chairs by high back or mid-back coverage, height adjustment range, and a variety of special features. Do you require adjustable arms, lumbar support, or a head rest on your computer desk chair? Is price or weight capacity an important factor in making your choice? Use our sorting tools to search our broad collection of ergonomic desk chairs for the perfect fit.

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