Pulpits are church lecterns from which one delivers an oration about the day's worship message.

This church pulpit selection offers a variety of options to suit the style of your house of worship. As befits the formal style of most churches, the majority of these church pulpits are made of wood and come in an array of gorgeous finish colors, including light oak, walnut, and mahogany. Not only do these wooden church lecterns enhance the beauty of your house of worship, they also give the speaker a defined and formal church podium from which to deliver the day's message. With their prestigious look and helpful functionality, these church pulpits demand professionalism and serve to facilitate the righteous message being delivered.

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Church Pulpit Selections - A Variety Of Worship Pulpits. These church pulpits tout sturdy wood construction, an angled lectern platform to prop up your reading materials, and a raised book ledge that keeps your presentation paperwork in place. Choose a finish color that matches the furniture you may already have in your house of worship, or allow your chosen church pulpit to dictate the style of the house. With such quality manufacturing, these church podiums offer lasting functionality and longevity. With so many wonderful options to consider, you can surely find an ideal church pulpit within this selection.

Consider first whether your house of worship requires a church pulpit that has a PA system built into it. If your church is already fitted with a sound system that works together with the microphones already present, then you may want to consider saving on your church podium by ordering one without a PA system. Contrariwise, if your church is in need of both voice amplification and a pulpit, consider ordering a church lectern with a built-in PA system as a cost-saving alternative to buying the sound system separately. Many of the church pulpits here come with built-in PA systems that run on an amp with multimedia capabilities and include cost-effective accessories such as built-in speakers and microphones.

If your church pulpit is to be used often by many speakers of different heights, consider ordering a height-adjustable church lectern. If you anticipate needing to relocate your church podium often, consider a mobile podium with casters. Other church pulpit options offered here include church lecterns with reading lamps, optional extension speakers, and optional lantern-style batteries. There are even church podiums with optional imagery on them, such as the Full-Pedestal Oak Lectern that features a reversible image of a cross on the front panel. Peruse this selection of pulpits with care and you'll surely find the church pulpit that suits the needs and style of your house of worship.