Book trucks and book carts with single-sided and double-sided models.

Book trucks are essential tools of the trade for librarians and anybody needing to transport or organize books. Use a book truck to sort, display, and file your books and help make reading more accessible to students and patrons. Our book carts are built of sturdy steel with oversized locking casters and tilted shelves to safely carry dense stacks of hardbound books. Choose a single-sided or double-sided book cart depending on your needs and preference.

Item #: 11-5335BL

Book Truck and Book Cart - Library Furniture for your School or Library. Cart library books, book sale selections, office binders, and archives from reader to resting place in a sturdy steel library cart. We offer several variations, including 2, 3, 4, and 6 shelf book trucks of various height and depth. Single-sided book carts are handy for setting up against a wall as a display, while the double-sided library book cart is the muscle of the library stacks. Let these trusty deputies do the labor of managing books so that you can enjoy the content.

Our book trucks and book carts are designed to be durable and user friendly. Features such as sloped shelves and dividers help keep books steady and organized on the book cart shelves. Quiet rolling casters allow you to discreetly roll your book cart through the library aisles, while dual sided steering handles help you maneuver your book truck carefully around corners. When you need to keep your book truck steady for loading and unloading, simply lock the book truck casters. Our book trucks are constructed of heavy duty steel with a durable powder coat finish or high impact molded plastic to sustain the rigors of consistent daily use. Alternatively, choose an attractive wood book cart for gentler settings such as children's libraries. Well-built and designed, our book and file carts are the friends of librarians everywhere.