Beverage carts, coffee carts, and hostess trolleys - We've got the serving carts to meet your needs.

A coffee cart is always welcome in the workplace. Whether you use a hostess trolley to serve guests at meetings or a refreshment serving cart for employees at break time, coffee carts are sure to brighten the office mood. Our beverage carts come in a variety of designs and styles to suit your work environment.

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Choose a Beverage Cart, Coffee Cart or Hostess Trolley to meet your Serving Cart needs. Your choice of beverage cart will make a welcome addition to the office break room, conference room, personal office, lobby or waiting room. Whatever your work environment, there is a coffee cart for you. Do you need a durable plastic serving cart, a contemporary steel hostess trolley, or a handsome wood laminate beverage cart to complement your office decor? Our beverage carts selection includes a diverse range of coffee cart styles and designs.

A coffee cart typically includes a lower storage area for refreshments and supplies and a top surface for pouring and serving. Some beverage carts include locking cabinets to protect quality brewing equipment or serving ware or to restrict access to refreshments when using your beverage serving cart as a bar cart. The top surface of your coffee cart may be designed with fold-out leaves to extend your serving space or a rail to prevent spills and keep objects from sliding when your hostess trolley is in motion. Coffee carts often include heat-resistant surfaces for hot coffee pots, and some beverage carts are equipped with their own electrical assemblies to keep drinks heated while your coffee cart is on the move.

Coffee carts are equipped with wheels for easy mobility. You can roll your mobile coffee cart to a meeting room and park it for self-service, or wheel your hostess trolley through a large hall and serve guests straight from the serving cart. Some of our beverage carts are designed with large rear wheels and molded steering handles to better facilitate pushing your mobile coffee cart through the crowd. Lock the wheels on your beverage cart for steady service. Use our beverage carts to offer refreshments for guests, clients, and employees, and you will win the favor of everyone you serve.