Configure your own workstation with our modular bamboo office furniture.

Go eco chic in your home office with a beautiful, environmentally friendly bamboo desk. Our modular bamboo furniture line allows you to configure your own ideal home office. Modular bamboo desks of various sizes connect together with bridges, peninsulas, and extensions to create a seamless workstation with a modern, curvilinear style. You can add a hutch or accessory shelves for additional storage with ready access. Complete your eco-friendly office with a matching bamboo bookcase, file storage, and media shelving from our Sustainable furniture line.

Item #: 41-CDAO-110
Item #: 41-CDAO-120
Item #: 41-ASAO-120
Item #: 41-PNAO-110
Item #: 41-HTAO-110

Bamboo Desk Furniture for the Home Office. Our bamboo furniture line features easy, no tools assembly and disassembly for the busy and changeable modern lifestyle. The user-friendly design includes adjustable and expandable shelving and concealed cable management. This modular desk made its debut at the 2005 NeoCon World's Trade Fair, where it was awarded the Buildings Magazine Grand Prize in Innovations in the "Computer Furniture Solutions" category.

Bamboo furniture is incredibly durable, beautiful, and Eco-friendly. One of the most sustainable resources known, bamboo matures much faster than trees, so it can be harvested in great volumes without being depleted. Our bamboo furniture is sourced from the organic Moso forests of China, a region that's world-famous for the perfect color, density, and grain of its bamboo. The Eco-friendly wood allows you to enjoy the quality and beauty of a wood desk while making your investment in sustainable furniture.

Your home office desk is a personal place that reflects your needs for order and coherence, your design tastes, and your consumer values. Our bamboo desk collection aims to answer all of these requirements. Modular desk furniture allows you to appoint exactly as much workspace and storage as you need, and to expand as necessary. Our no tools assembly desk takes no time and no sweat to put together or reconfigure.

Consider a home office corner desk with separate wings for separate purposes. Extend one side of your bamboo desk with a desk extension or peninsula to accommodate additional computer applications. For multiple users, employ a bridge to connect one bamboo desk to another. Our bamboo desks are side-reversible, and any modular component can connect to either side. Practical, convenient, and eco chic, our bamboo desk is the essential modern desk.