With the increasing number of desk-based jobs in today’s working environment, many workers spend a vast of amount of the day seated; but what effect can this have, and how can adverse results be alleviated?

Historically the global workforce was a more active entity, especially in the areas of manufacturing and production.  But as the world is moving more and more to the service industries, a sedentary workplace lifestyle is taking its toll.

What are the effects of sitting at your workplace?

Major news publications, including “The New York Times,” have reported on the dangers of sitting for lengthy periods, even for people who are relatively active for the time when they are not sitting.  Exercise in leisure time does not necessarily balance the time spent sitting at a desk in the workplace.  Any lengthy period of sitting reduces the amount of fat-busting enzymes in the body, slows the metabolism of glucose and reduces the amount of good cholesterol in the body.  This can result in a preponderance of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

It isn’t just the heart that suffers as a result of remaining seated at work; musculoskeletal discomfort can also result from the spine compression and the pressure on the lower back, legs, and buttocks that come from sitting for a long time. 

How does being able to stand at work help?

Having the choice to stand while completing at least some duties at your workplace reduces some of the risks that sitting can cause.  It allows an individual to stretch, thereby reducing the pressure on the buttocks, back, and legs.  It improves the circulation of blood around the body, removing pressure from the heart. 

In addition, there is evidence that being able to adjust from a sitting to a standing position while working improves both energy levels and cognition.  The further benefits that may be gleaned from being able to change to a standing position are increased burning of calories, improvement in bone density over time, and release from sleeping problems.


What sit-stand solutions are available?

Ongoing success of any business depends on employee’s productivity and efficiency; in order to ensure both of these, firms need to seek advice from the experts in ergonomics.  Specialists at onestopergonomics.com use their expertise to provide the most viable sit-stand solutions for their customers.  The range of products available from OneStop Ergonomics is vast enough to meet all customer needs. 

  • Laptop Mount on Height Adjustable Arm

This is one of the most popular items in our catalog. It is an ideal solution for using a laptop computer on a daily basis in a healthy and productive manner.  Amazing in its simplicity, this unit is a portable device that can be placed on a current work desk to convert it into an ergonomic sit-stand solution, allowing the user to move from sitting to standing with no disruption to their work pattern.  The workstation accommodates one laptop of various weights up to 23 lbs. Using the sit stand desktop workstation helps users lessen back and neck pain and allows for greater freedom of movement, improving the overall working experience. This premier piece of equipment has received a 5 out of 5 customer review ratings. https://www.onestopergonomics.com/products/laptop-mount-on-height-adjustable-arm-with-oversize-notebook-tray


  • Basic Sit-Stand Desk Top Workstation

This basic workstation also allows flexibility of movement. It can accommodate one LCD monitor, along with your keyboard and mouse, and is adjustable for vertical height up to 15 inches. Other models feature dual monitor capabilities. https://www.onestopergonomics.com/products/basic-sit-stand-desk-top-workstation


  • Beta Sit-Stand Mobile Workstation Cart

This is a mobile workstation that allows mobile flexibility to the user who can sit or stand.  It also allows the use of a laptop or CPU in conjunction with an LCD monitor.  These items can be held on the single monitor mount, the keyboard or laptop shelf, and the CPU holder.  The multi-functionality combined with the ease of movement makes this item great for total freedom of workspace. https://www.onestopergonomics.com/products/beta-sit-stand-mobile-workstation-cart


  • Pneumatic Sit-Stand Adjustable Computer Desk

This piece of office equipment works with the use of gas pneumatics to adjust its position up or down.  The desk allows for easy adjustment of the user’s position from sitting to standing. 

The benefits to the user and the business of sit-stand availability

Ergonomic sit stand products provide benefits to organizers and their employees by allowing them to fully stretch their body, reducing the occurrence of musculoskeletal discomfort and reducing the risk of legal injury to the lower back, spine, and neck, or to the function of the heart.

Continually having to sit at a desk can result in physical damage to an individual as well as mental strain if the discomfort persists.  This can adversely affect work performance, which can be detrimental to the effectiveness of the business in the long run.

Investing in effective ergonomic sit-stand solutions may cost initially, but provides an excellent return on investment in time.

There can be no doubt about the value of sit-stand workstation availability in any business.  This was recognized in 2013 when the American Medical Association acknowledged the potential risks that sitting for a long period of time presented and encouraged employers to allow access to sit-stand desks in the workplace.

Contact the experts at www.onestopergonomics.com today to access their assistance in providing affordable ergonomic sit-stand solutions to promote a healthier work environment.