TV furniture stands & cabinets for your big screen flat panel television.

Your TV stand is the centerpiece of your entertainment furniture ensemble and a statement-making element in any room's decor. Whether you're assembling a complete home theater or looking for an individual television stand for the office or bedroom, you'll find options to fit your flat screen TV size, room, and tastes among our diverse collection of TV furniture stands. Choose a TV cabinet to enclose your audio video components and media, or choose an open shelf TV stand for a more minimalist look. You can also shop specifically for a glass flat screen stand, wood TV stand, or corner TV stand in our TV furniture sub-categories.


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Wherever you set up your home theater, your TV entertainment furniture is bound to make a big impression. If you've made the transition to a large screen plasma or LCD TV, chances are your new flat panel TV stand will be much wider and shallower than your previous TV furniture. Modern TV stands and TV cabinets can hold widescreen TVs as large as 75" with additional shelving below for your audio video components and media. These stands sit relatively low to the ground to place the center of your television at an appropriate viewing height. But with your flat screen on top, your television cabinet or stand will likely be the piece that sets the tone in your entertainment room.

Corner TV furniture is an increasingly popular space-planning solution for TVs of all sizes. A corner TV stand or TV cabinet maximizes wall space, allowing you to use the room for multiple purposes, or to layout your home theater at an angle that provides more width and depth for seating. We offer full TV cabinets with cornered backs as well as narrower TV floor stand options. Alternatively, you may prefer to embrace your furniture as the centerpiece of your room by choosing a heavier and more expansive piece. Solid wood furniture lends a grounded and homey feel to a room that balances the weight of your screen and other electronics. Or for a contemporary look, consider an elegant glass TV stand.