Choose a cantilever mount, swing arm mount or articulating TV mount from our large selection of TV arms.

The articulating TV mount is the most flexible and accommodating type of TV arms. With extension, swivel, and tilt capability, a TV wall arm allows you to adjust your screen to virtually any angle. The mount consists of a TV wall bracket that holds one or several TV wall mounts, which attach to the back of the screen. The TV arm may have one, two, or three links, which allow it to extend, retract, and pivot 90 to 180 degrees. The bracket that attaches the TV to the arm offers additional articulation, including up/down tilt and sometimes rotation.

Item #: 14-AM2-B
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Item #: 185-A32F Black
Item #: 185-A34 Black
Item #: 185-A37F Black
Item #: 185-A40 Black
Item #: 185-A46VF Black
Item #: 185-A47V Black
Item #: 185-A46F Black
Item #: A34100 Black
Item #: 185-A55 Black
Item #: 185-A63F Black
Item #: 185-A65 Black
Item #: 185-A80 Black
Item #: 15-PLA-XX-UNLP
From $445.00
Item #: 15-PLAV-XX-UNLP
From $540.00
Item #: 17-FSWA2220-FSUL-WMA
Item #: 25-PXRU
$2,090.00 $2,401.95
Item #: 185-A63I Black
Item #: 25-PNR
From $550.00
Item #: 185-AH55VLP Black

TV Arms and TV Arm Mounts - A TV Arm for your LCD TV or Flat Screen TV. TV wall arm mounts take a variety of forms, from the low-profile cantilever mount, swing arm mount to the double- or triple-jointed TV swing arm. Business and retail environments where the location of the audience may vary, such as restaurants and gymnasiums, are particularly well-served by an articulating TV mount. In the home, you may prefer a TV wall mount in a game room, exercise room, or kitchen, where you expect to move around a lot.